TURNING POINTS—Angels and Ordinary Beings

It’s Sunday afternoon, and from the voice on the other end of the line, I can tell that my hospitalized curmudgeon friend is practically cheery today—even with a big diagnostic procedure looming tomorrow. His wife texts me how thrilled he is to learn that his new hospital roommate used to work for their favorite NFL … Continue reading TURNING POINTS—Angels and Ordinary Beings


I’ve never met Maine-based novelist Susan Conley, but I feel like I know Jill Archer, the protagonist of Conley’s Landslide. If you came across a character like Jill in one of those beachy reads that summer visitors inhale while ensconced on cozy B&B porches overlooking Penobscot Bay, chances are the reading would not rate up … Continue reading TURNING POINTS—And Page Turners

TURNING POINTS—A Long Way to Walk—In Either Direction

As noted here last week, sometimes the experience of watching a film or reading a book can cause us to think differently about something, to change/learn. Brother Joseph, my American history teacher in junior year of high school, assigned a novel set during the American Revolution to provide background and context for the course. Reading … Continue reading TURNING POINTS—A Long Way to Walk—In Either Direction

TURNING POINTS—Happy Groundhog Day, Happy Groundhog Day, Happy Groundhog Day!

Four years ago on the film’s 25th anniversary, Chicago Tribune writer Ted Slowik called Groundhog Day “the best movie ever made.” Strong praise for a Bill Murray comedy, even though it’s one of my favorite movies. https://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/daily-southtown/opinion/ct-sta-slowik-groundhog-day-st-0201-20170131-story.html February 2. You know the drill. Cut to Punxsutawney, PA, where, in delightfully unscientific fashion, top-hatted town officials … Continue reading TURNING POINTS—Happy Groundhog Day, Happy Groundhog Day, Happy Groundhog Day!

TURNING POINTS—Fishing For “The Full Life”

In last week’s post, we saw how aspects of author/entrepreneur Ali Farrell’s life contributed to her happiness or well-being, from romping with her kids and dog and authoring books to co-creating an organization to benefit commercial fishermen during COVID. We also saw how legendary psychologist Martin S. Seligman would view her behaviors as steps on … Continue reading TURNING POINTS—Fishing For “The Full Life”

TURNING POINTS—Fishing For Happiness

Last week’s post celebrated the release of Ali Farrell’s Pretty Rugged, a book that shines light on women as “lobster fishermen” off the coast of Maine. https://www.amazon.com/Pretty-Rugged-True-Stories-Women/dp/1733078436/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=pretty+rugged&qid=1610229747&sr=8-1 Author Farrell’s own story illustrates the relationship between work and happiness, which regular readers will remember was touched on in this space last month. University of Pennsylvania’s Martin … Continue reading TURNING POINTS—Fishing For Happiness

TURNING POINTS—Merry, Happy, Good!

Holiday greetings (even through a mask) convey wishes for how the giver hopes the receiver will experience the upcoming fete. Such greetings ensure that children quickly learn that their birthdays and those of others should be Happy occasions. Likewise, the turn of the new year, and religious, national, and cultural holidays. Directing partakers of Christmas … Continue reading TURNING POINTS—Merry, Happy, Good!