TURNING POINTS—Turning Wooden Spoons

Holidays can end all at once, like the final jingle bell note on the radio’s last Christmas song at 11:59 PM on December 25. Thanksgiving, on the other hand, lingers on in most households. In fact, some would argue that the post-Thanksgiving uses of cooked turkey equal or top the big day’s feast. Before the … Continue reading TURNING POINTS—Turning Wooden Spoons

TURNING POINTS—Looking for Hope and Gratitude

The pair in the main photo had their eyes riveted on me as I walked away from the car that particular afternoon. For them, every return that Kathleen or I made to the car represented a miracle that warranted celebration. Living in hope. That’s dogs. Being anthropomorphic—after all, one of the great joys of including … Continue reading TURNING POINTS—Looking for Hope and Gratitude

TURNING POINTS—And Open Admissions

Three years ago, Wild River Books launched Open Admissions: What Teaching at Community College Taught Me About Learning at Philadelphia’s historic Mermaid Inn, home to my own Sacred CowBoys and numerous other Philly-based performers. The occasionally raucous event featured a conversation with Community College of Philadelphia Vice President Judith Gay and me about the importance … Continue reading TURNING POINTS—And Open Admissions

TURNING POINTS—What a French Mother of Seven and Cook Has Given the World

Lucie “Lulu” Tempier Peyraud died Wednesday morning, two months before her 103rd birthday. After she married Lucien Peyraud in 1936, her father gave the couple a farm property on which to live. Through decades of hard work there, the couple and their seven children developed a world-class vineyard and successful family business. Lulu cooked for … Continue reading TURNING POINTS—What a French Mother of Seven and Cook Has Given the World