TURNING POINTS—“Winning By Surrendering Our Turf”

  After last week’s post about the Thriving in Academe article (http://www.nea.org/assets/docs/1901eAdvocate_ThrivingFinal.pdf) I heard from my old friend and teaching partner, Paul McGarvey, who spun story after story about collaborative teaching and how it energized dozens of faculty members at Community College of Philadelphia over the years. Professors from various disciplines came together and learned … Continue reading TURNING POINTS—“Winning By Surrendering Our Turf”

TURNING POINTS—Pleasant Surprises

Last week, I received a Facebook Message from someone who wanted to share her thoughts about Open Admissions: What Teaching at Community College Taught Me About Learning. Her note and subsequent email message made my day. Former community college teacher Sue Cassidy had read about the book in the Sunday Maine Telegram. https://www.pressherald.com/2018/03/25/ned-bachuss-memoir-explores-the-challenges-faced-by-first-generation-community-college-students/ Having taught … Continue reading TURNING POINTS—Pleasant Surprises

TURNING POINTS–When Injustice Is Par For The Course

Last week, we looked at inequities in higher education, especially as they apply to first-generation students. Opportunity involves access, of course, so it’s a big deal when a nontraditional student gains admission to an elite university; however, as we learned in Afred Lubrano’s Philadelphia Inquirer April 22 piece, money is only one of the things … Continue reading TURNING POINTS–When Injustice Is Par For The Course