TURNING POINTS–Rescuers Update

Yesterday's post referenced the rescue activity done everyday by state game wardens, often harrowing and demanding work. These largely unsung men and women routinely perform critical life-saving work, and after posting yesterday, Kathleen showed me an article about a very recent emergency in which the Maine game wardens did their usual job.  https://www.penbaypilot.com/article/maine-warden-service-emergency-rescue-crews-assist-injured-hiker-who-fell-30-feet-mox/133192. (Main photo: … Continue reading TURNING POINTS–Rescuers Update

TURNING POINTS—Earth Day and Earth Rescuers

Celebrated on this date in 1970, the first Earth Day prompted a half-century of environment-conscious efforts that have resulted in what most would consider needed changes and improvements on our planet. It was certainly a turning point both culturally and individually for thousands then and many more since April 22, 1970. In Philadelphia, the occasion … Continue reading TURNING POINTS—Earth Day and Earth Rescuers

TURNING POINTS—Barricading Driveways and Lighting Hope

Gloom and doom. Blame and shame. Had enough? Or are you gagging on stories about the kindness of strangers wearing face masks? Whether your tendency leans toward optimism or pessimism, toward light or darkness, the pandemic has pushed and pulled us and will continue to do so. It’s provided turning points, and we’re turning. In … Continue reading TURNING POINTS—Barricading Driveways and Lighting Hope