TURNING POINTS—The Year of Absence and Presence

This Year of COVID, we all have learned to tolerate fundamental change in how we experience holidays. No one is hoping to reprise these drastic accommodations next time around the calendar. Like many of you, Kathleen and I will celebrate Christmas inside our bubble, sad that we can’t laugh, remember, eat, and drink in the … Continue reading TURNING POINTS—The Year of Absence and Presence

TURNING POINTS—Merry, Happy, Good!

Holiday greetings (even through a mask) convey wishes for how the giver hopes the receiver will experience the upcoming fete. Such greetings ensure that children quickly learn that their birthdays and those of others should be Happy occasions. Likewise, the turn of the new year, and religious, national, and cultural holidays. Directing partakers of Christmas … Continue reading TURNING POINTS—Merry, Happy, Good!