Tell me what you make of this article about college debt by Erin Arvedlund.  https://www.philly.com/news/student-loans-debt-how-to-pay-college-budget-emoney-advisor-20190319.html Regular readers are likely to respond by focusing on how to AVOID massive college debt in the first place, and that's where strategic use of educational resources comes in. Community colleges can provide that resource. They did in my life, … Continue reading TURNING POINTS–Debt Avoidance

TURNING POINTS—Good Money and Good Intentions

Donating to higher education is a great thing, right? Especially when it enables nontraditional college students to attend prestigious schools like Oxford, Harvard and Stanford. I’ve written here about Hazim Hardeman, the young man from North Philadelphia whose college studies began at Community College of Philadelphia and who currently is pursuing an advanced degree at … Continue reading TURNING POINTS—Good Money and Good Intentions