TURNING POINTS—Earth Day and Earth Rescuers

Celebrated on this date in 1970, the first Earth Day prompted a half-century of environment-conscious efforts that have resulted in what most would consider needed changes and improvements on our planet. It was certainly a turning point both culturally and individually for thousands then and many more since April 22, 1970. In Philadelphia, the occasion … Continue reading TURNING POINTS—Earth Day and Earth Rescuers

TURNING POINTS—Faves of 2019

We’ve celebrated numerous published articles here that have shined light on important turning points in people’s lives. As readers know, these posts tend to focus on underappreciated contributions to life, especially as they relate to the most vulnerable among us. We all experience moments that matter, turning points in our lives--and other people often are … Continue reading TURNING POINTS—Faves of 2019

TURNING POINTS—Fostering Persistence

Last year, I was fortunate to speak with faculty at Maryland’s Howard Community College about OPEN ADMISSIONS and the mission of teaching nontraditional students. HCC President Kate Hetherington’s praise for the book meant a lot to me, as did her invitation to address the faculty then to work with a small faculty group. I was … Continue reading TURNING POINTS—Fostering Persistence

TURNING POINTS—Smart First Steps in Higher Education

Slowly but surely, stigmas about community college are being replaced by accurate (and positive) perspectives. Just ask admissions staff at Ivy League and other top tier schools about community colleges. In a recent New York Times article, Laura Pappano cites Williams College, Brown University, and Muhlenberg College as selective schools that are finding community college … Continue reading TURNING POINTS—Smart First Steps in Higher Education

TURNING POINTS—Learning Perspective

Real education is transformative. For nontraditional college student Gina Barreca, it added to and changed her perspective. The curious and open-minded Brooklyn kid moved from one learning experience to another, and today she is a professor of English at University of Connecticut and a highly regarded author. Her writing can be very funny, and I … Continue reading TURNING POINTS—Learning Perspective

Congratulations to Susan and Judy, and brava!

Susan Tobia and Judith Gay's clearly written and valuable UP AND RUNNING provides a blueprint for how community colleges can encourage and develop future leaders among faculty and staff. As Walter Bumphus, president and CEO of the American Association of Community Colleges, notes in the book's foreword, UP AND RUNNING arrives at a critical moment. … Continue reading Congratulations to Susan and Judy, and brava!