What a privilege and a joy to be able to say, Dear Readers!

And thank you, Nicole Howard, DIL of my favorite drummer in the world, Jerry Howard, for the canine reader pic that accompanies this post.

We are well into the winter holiday season, but before I completely fall victim to the annual temptations of recipes old and new, I want to thank all of you who have made the launching of Mortal Things a very happy experience for me and for the publishers. 

Readers all around the country have been so kind about letting me know they have gotten a copy of the novel and have enjoyed reading it. Thank you so much! 

(pictured above: early arrivals at the October book launch in Philly)

Reader check-ins have come from Florida–see the obviously discriminating readers pictured below.

We’ve heard from readers out West. See below.

And we’ve heard from people in transit. See pic of airport reader below.

The publishers want me to make sure I encourage you to go onto Amazon and/or Goodreads and post a few words about the book—don’t think formal book review, just dash off a quick reaction to the experience of reading Mortal Things and give it a rating. Just an honest reader review. Should take you less than five minutes.

https://bit.ly/3h6fPa4 For AMAZON Scroll down to “review this product”

https://bit.ly/3VE7Obg For GOODREADS Scroll down to “What do YOU think? Rate this book. Write a Review. `

There, something else for which I can thank you!

One thought on “Dear Readers!

  1. Hi Ned,

    I stayed up late last night, and finished Mortal Things. I really enjoyed it, and I’m in awe of your talent. I know it’s a cliche, but I found myself really caring about Sarah, Mike, and Domenic. Of course, it brought back a flood of memories, from living with friends on Nippon St, to our first apartment on the corner of Willlow Grove and Germantown Aves, our boys in playgroup together years later. Mt. Airy really was a special place, and you captured those things that made it special. Thanks for the journey!

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