TURNING POINTS—”Finding Our Voices”

We all experience points in our lives that prove pivotal. Those moments are not always obvious to us at the time. For a woman in Maine’s town of Camden, it is not difficult to identify a particular occasion when everything changed. Patrisha McLean’s personal horror that night immediately and permanently impacted her personal life. Since … Continue reading TURNING POINTS—”Finding Our Voices”

TURNING POINTS—Mare Demands More Time!

This post about a script is a postscript to last week’s homage to the HBO series Mare of Easttown. When I saw this Philadelphia Magazine interview with Brad Inglesby, I had to share it here. https://www.phillymag.com/news/2021/04/03/mare-of-easttown-brad-ingelsby/?fbclid=IwAR1L_1krBuNBYfntALkeXIgk373PC3p9lHkneQwGiVuh4XtKrh95mCfOexQ Victor Fiorillo did a great job with this interview, and I’ll let him take it from here. Buzz is … Continue reading TURNING POINTS—Mare Demands More Time!

TURNING POINTS—Making Me Want To Watch Television Again

Even if you’re not from the Philadelphia area, I recommend the HBO series Mare of Easttown. Filmed in the Philly area, there was no way I could ignore this series. The production staff went local in a hardcore way, with everything from shirts and caps representing the local sports teams, schools, and favorite spots “down-a-shore,” … Continue reading TURNING POINTS—Making Me Want To Watch Television Again

TURNING POINTS—Everybody Loves Eating

Eating, laughing, and hugging. That’s what Netflix’s Somebody Feed Phil is all about. Those activities, either separately or together, enhance our lives. One or more of them likely play a role in your happiest recollections of life. They’re important, and they make us smile. Producer/writer Phil Rosenthal knows a thing or two about what makes … Continue reading TURNING POINTS—Everybody Loves Eating