TURNING POINTS–Rescuers Update

Yesterday's post referenced the rescue activity done everyday by state game wardens, often harrowing and demanding work. These largely unsung men and women routinely perform critical life-saving work, and after posting yesterday, Kathleen showed me an article about a very recent emergency in which the Maine game wardens did their usual job.  https://www.penbaypilot.com/article/maine-warden-service-emergency-rescue-crews-assist-injured-hiker-who-fell-30-feet-mox/133192. (Main photo: … Continue reading TURNING POINTS–Rescuers Update

TURNING POINTS—Earth Day and Earth Rescuers

Celebrated on this date in 1970, the first Earth Day prompted a half-century of environment-conscious efforts that have resulted in what most would consider needed changes and improvements on our planet. It was certainly a turning point both culturally and individually for thousands then and many more since April 22, 1970. In Philadelphia, the occasion … Continue reading TURNING POINTS—Earth Day and Earth Rescuers