TURNING POINTS—From Rucks And Scrums To Ballads And Two-Steps

About 9:30 on Friday evening, drummer/friend Jerry Howard and my other band-mates will start banging out the intro to “Do That Thing,” and I’ll jump in with the vocal to kick off another night of dance music at Philadelphia’s Mermaid Inn. It’ll be the most fun we’ve had in months. And it’s something I wouldn’t … Continue reading TURNING POINTS—From Rucks And Scrums To Ballads And Two-Steps

TURNING POINTS—Learning Perspective

Real education is transformative. For nontraditional college student Gina Barreca, it added to and changed her perspective. The curious and open-minded Brooklyn kid moved from one learning experience to another, and today she is a professor of English at University of Connecticut and a highly regarded author. Her writing can be very funny, and I … Continue reading TURNING POINTS—Learning Perspective


That’s a photo of a young woman who inspires me by her ability to fish and to, well, inspire. I wrote about Deidrah Stanchfield earlier this year. https://nedbachus.com/2019/02/20/turning-points-healing-pillars-for-programs-and-for-people/ They used to call the legendary James Brown the “hardest working man in show business,” and Deidrah earns that sort of title in several categories, including but … Continue reading TURNING POINTS—Gone Fishin’