[Ned Bachus is] a gifted writer and a keen observer. He brings out the humanity out of his subjects in a way readers will connect with. Once I start reading, I can’t put his books down. Highly recommended. — Schwartz (Amazon Review)

Anyone concerned about meaning and purpose in life, anyone considering a path of higher education, anyone approaching completion of a formal career, and anyone wondering whether a social institution is capable of positively altering the trajectory of one’s life, will find untold value in this book. Can’t wait for our book club discussion.–Steve Cohen (Amazon Review)

Well written and engaging story of a committed teacher and the nontraditional students he loves..
With clear and engaging prose, the author weaves together several stories including the story of his single mother, his intellectual and professional growth, and the challenging situation of nontraditional students in America’s community colleges. The journeys in this book include a full semester at community college of Philadelphia, a month-long writers residency in a scenic part of Ireland and a potential life-changing move to the coast of Maine. I felt almost as engaged with Ned’s students as he obviously was and is! — Nancy Dock (Amazon Review)

Ned Bachus is a gifted story teller. His voice comes through clearly as you turn the pages of this book. Thank you, Ned, for sharing this journey with us. — Cecelia Davie (Amazon Review)

Most writers would have simplified the story, somehow, but the underlying metaphor of learning how to learn operates in every dimension of what Bachus has to say. After all, learning is connected to the resilience required of life itself. –Patti Marxsen, author of Tales from the Heart of Haiti, Helene Schweitzer: A Life of Her Own, Island Journeys, and others.(Amazon Review)