This Thursday, at 7 PM, I will be reading from and speaking about MORTAL THINGS at Blue Hill Public Library. If you’re anywhere near Blue Hill, Maine, come on out! 

Very excited to get to explore another of the many fantastic public libraries in Maine that welcome authors to their area. Thanks to librarian Kayleigh Thomas who will host this event. One of the great side benefits of sharing this book throughout Maine has been getting to meet people like Kayleigh and connecting with audience members all over. Maine libraries deserve much credit for hosting events that make them true gathering places in the community. Brava and bravo to librarians everywhere. On June 22, my library tour will take me in the opposite direction to South Portland Library. 

Just before that, I will be attending the monthly meeting of a book group in Pennsylvania, an event that I hope will be as much fun for attendees as I know it will be for me. That will be the first time I will talk about MORTAL THINGS to a group that has already read the book. No worry about letting slip any spoilers!

If your book group decides to read my novel and would like me to attend via Zoom, let me know ( Want me to join your book group discussion in person? As long as your meeting location is within my reach (NJ, eastern PA, northern New England, even up in Quebec), let me know. Either in person or via Zoom, I’d love to connect with you and your fellow readers. 

I’ve been fortunate to be interviewed for a number of radio or podcast programs, and here is one I did with Elaine Miller-Karas, author and Co-Founder and Director of Innovation at the Trauma Resource Institute in California, for “Resiliency Within,” her radio program. If you’d like to listen to our far-ranging conversation about MORTAL THINGS and about the role that grief can play in our survival, here is the link for that April 10th episode.  

AND, very good news on the Kindle Edition front. MORTAL THINGS now is available in Kindle format. Very excited that folks now can order and get immediate access to the novel! Cost is under ten bucks.

Next time here, a report on a recent two-week residency in Ireland’s Cill Rialaig Artist Retreat.

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MORTAL THINGS, my novel, can be ordered online through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or at the bottom of this link: OR you can order it at your favorite local independent bookstore! AND AS NOTED ABOVE, NOW also available in Kindle format.

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