Very excited to announce that after a mere 36-year gestation period, Mortal Things has arrived!

Tonight at 7 PM, Tree of Life Publishers and I will raise a glass to our shared journey. It all happens at Philadelphia’s Mermaid Inn, site of wonderful occasions from as far back as my first year of teaching at the then nearby Pennsylvania School for the Deaf (1970-71) to as recently as this past Saturday night’s performance by my band, Sacred CowBoys.

Photo shows ideal place for parking your horse tonight

Much thanks to Joy Stocke and Raquel Pidal of TOL and their stellar team, and I also want to thank folks who’ve been kind enough to read the book, speak to me about it, and to share those thoughts today.

Very honored to have been interviewed by Deborah Kalb.

And here’s the link for the podcast interview I did with Matt Crawford.

Thank you, Matt, for your kind words about the book. “A truly rich story of love and loss, this is a read that pulls you in. Told from alternating perspectives, Bachus weaves three characters together expertly with details that draw you in and make you feel as if you are in their lives. A slow burn of a book that doesn’t rush the story and lets the reader think for themselves.”

So many people have helped me in this journey, and I want to thank my mother, Hélene Pellerin Bachus, who nourished my creative heart. She’s pictured below in Gallaudet College’s rathskeller at our wedding reception in 1975. Merci, maman!

La Belle Hélene 1916-1979

And last but not least, thank you to Kathleen, whose unflagging support has seen me through this adventure–and many others, too! Pictured below with grandson Brody.

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