Yesterday’s post referenced the rescue activity done everyday by state game wardens, often harrowing and demanding work. These largely unsung men and women routinely perform critical life-saving work, and after posting yesterday, Kathleen showed me an article about a very recent emergency in which the Maine game wardens did their usual job. (Main photo: Maine Warden Service)

Maine Warden Service, emergency rescue crews assist injured hiker who fell 30 feet at Moxie Falls

MOXIE GORE TWP – The Maine Warden Service, working with the Maine Border Patrol, Maine Forest Service, West Forks Fire and Rescue, Upper Kennebec Ambulance and civilian volunteers, rescued an injured hiker who had to be Life-flighted after he slipped and fell 30 feet down an embankment into Moxie Gorge April 20.

Antonio Jacobs, 18, of China, Maine, was hiking with three other friends at Moxie Falls at approximately 4:30 p.m. when he slipped and fell 30 feet down an embankment to the edge of Moxie Stream at the base of the falls.

Moxie Falls is Maine’s highest waterfall, dropping over 90 feet.

Jacobs was immobile and unable to move due to his injuries. He was loaded into a Stokes Rescue Basket, was extracted out of the gorge by 7 p.m., and then flown by Lifeflight Helicopter to Eastern Maine Medical Center for abrasions, and injuries to his ankle, knee and ribs.


Again, I recommend this account of a Maine Game Warden’s adventures and struggles in 25 years of service.