Seventy-five years on, the Allied invasion of Normandy still ranks as one of the greatest turning points in the history of the world.

“Without this Ally attack this war could have gone on much longer than it did and could have changed the outcome greatly. The war lasted about one year after this attack. This victory gave a huge boost to the Ally soldiers. The allies were losing men and supplies quickly. An invasion had been planned for over two years but had not taken effect yet. The Allies were getting restless and Hitler was not backing down in Europe. Thousands of Jews were being slaughtered and and Europe was beginning to collapse. The Invasion was needed to strengthen the opposition and pave the way to ending the war.”

Note that the Allies were losing at this point in the war. Desperate times called for desperate measures, giving us D-Day. Well-planned and well-coordinated, the invasion still was highly risky. This week we honor the individuals who participated in this bloody invasion. Imagine the last 75 years had the war turned out differently.

This space chronicles turning points in our lives. Such moments can affect other lives, but once in a while a turning point impacts millions. D-Day took many lives but ultimately saved far more of them. Had so many not given their all in WWII, our lives would look very different now.

Key turning points deserve recognition and can provide life lessons. Many of our parents and grandparents made this turning point possible by their efforts and sacrifice.


Using the link provided here, please watch the interview with Frank DeVita, who describes his experience that day seventy-five years ago.

In this cynical world, his movingly told story cuts to the heart of sacrifice and human connection. Devita describes his interaction with the mortally wounded “boy” beside him in the landing craft. “I wanted him to know he wasn’t alone,” Devita told him.


The long-term effects of such sacrifices are with us still. Those terrified but determined soldiers, sailors, and airmen deserve our humble thanks. Let us be inspired to our own moments of courage and selflessness.