Having a roof over your head is right there when it comes to basic needs.  If you’re trying to recover from addiction, you need safe and secure housing and emotional support.

Because Jasmin Pike knows this from personal experience, she recognizes how important a resource 63 Washington Street can be for women in recovery, and in this short video clip she powerfully makes the case.


The other person you’ll see in the video agrees with her. That’s me.  I am a board member of Mid-Coast Recovery Coalition. This building can become a turning point for women in recovery. But if we don’t raise at least $160,000 by January 1, the building will be sold to a private buyer, and the dream Jasmin talks about so passionately will not happen.

If you’d like to help financially–any amount helps, send a check to Mid-Coast Recovery Coalition, 411 Main Street, Suite 205, Rockland, ME 04841.  And please Share, Share, Share this story as widely as you can. Let this story become a turning point.  Thank you!