Susan Tobia and Judith Gay’s clearly written and valuable UP AND RUNNING provides a blueprint for how community colleges can encourage and develop future leaders among faculty and staff. As Walter Bumphus, president and CEO of the American Association of Community Colleges, notes in the book’s foreword, UP AND RUNNING arrives at a critical moment. The retirement of a generation of community college leaders is outpacing the organic process for leader development. This well-organized book combines practical step-by-step guidance with a wealth of insight that the authors gained from their experience in creating and running the leadership training program at Community College of Philadelphia. Launching such a program is a daunting prospect, but the book’s detailed appendices will surely encourage college personnel that so armed they can do it, so kudos to the authors. One way in which Tobia and Gay’s groundbreaking leadership training program distinguished itself was by reaching out to all levels of employees, not merely to higher level staff. I witnessed the impact that my two former colleagues had on individuals at the College; their respectful and challenging approach has empowered many current and future leaders over the years. Tobia and Gay promoted a culture of collaborative learning and growing among faculty–quite a legacy, and now with UP AND RUNNING, that legacy will have a ripple effect all over America.