Legends of Gallaudet Rugby Football Club, circa '73-74

It’s on. Oh, it’s so on. Tomorrow, I drive to Canton, MA to watch the current generation of American deaf rugby players play. Very excited to know that the All Deaf Rugby Football Club exists. Hope the sight of some of their predecessors might inspire them tomorrow in the game vs. Framingham Exiles RFC. Of course, the photo looks like something out of the Civil War, though they never supplied us with rifles. If I recognize those goal posts, this was another match played in Doylestown, PA, former home pitch for Blackthorn RFC and longtime home for our brothers at Doylestown RFC. So, I learned about the team and tomorrow’s match earlier today. Managed to borrow a car from the neighbors so that Kathleen can drive to her appointments tomorrow, leaving me the family car to head south down 95 (how many rugby games require a jaunt up or down I-95???). Can’t wait to meet these guys and cheer them on. Go ADRFC! Hope this photo sparks memories for some of my old deaf friends.

5 thoughts on “Legends of Gallaudet Rugby Football Club, circa ’73-74

      1. yes jim want the names… i want to track these guys down for a gallaudet rugby reunion!

      2. I uploaded a that picture to Ned’s chat with the names superimposed over the pictures. I would attach it to this message but I can’t see a way to do that this way.
        my email is jpmallard3@gmail.com. Ping me and I will send it to you.

  1. Well have a good time at the reunion. My money is tight now. I have not worked for over a year and a half. I’ve nearly given up finding anything again.
    I just did a trip to the DC area 2 weeks ago and won’t be able to justify another trip unless I can find work somewhere.

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